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Legion Fantastique    

Directed and created by Peter Overstreet in 2007,
Legion Fantastique is the world's only Jules Verne based theatrical troupe.

Legion Fantastique focuses on the literary works of Mr. Jules Verne in a totally immersive theatrical envrionment, where visitors may explore our halls and hob-nob with characters like Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg. Our mission is to create fun and educational theatrical presentations to entertain, enlighten, and  promote literacy by bringing books to vibrant life! We hope our adventures will inspire you in your adventures in

Science, Exploration, and Imagination!
Also visit Legion Fantastiques' website

Peter was also pleased to be asked by the North America Jules Verne Society, to do the cover designs for the first English translations of Jules Verne's "The Marriage of a Marquis", translated by Edward Baxter and "Shipwrecked Family", translated by Sidney Kravitz." More information can be found on the NAJVS website at  http://www.najvs.org/palikseries.shtml.

Recent News
Peter guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media... Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

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