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Aeronaut Productions:
Owned and operated by Peter Overstreet and Cat Taylor, Aeronaut Productions, LLC is  dedicated to the design and production of exciting, quality theatrical events and traveling exhibitions. Services include
  • Conceptual Design (art, blueprints)
  • Pre-Production (design, scripts, budgets)
  • Production Coordination (location, event management)
  • Marketing (advertisement, souvenirs, publications)
  • Production (casting, acting, music, performance)
  • Video production for exhibits

Some of the shows recently produced by the creative staff of Aeronaut Productions, LLC include:
  • Creation, curation and building of Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination, at The Muzeo in Anaheim, CA. Articles can be seen in the Orange County Register and NBC Los Angeles

  • Gallery and graphics design for areas of NASA: A Human Adventure which debuted at The Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden and is currently at Jaarbeurs Utrecht in The Netherlands.

  • Entertainment Direction for over 700 performers at the The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco, which just completed it's 35th year.

  • Legion Fantastique, the world's only Jules Verne based theatrical troup at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco and San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

  • Cover designs for the first English translations of Jules Verne's "The Marriage of a Marquis", translated by Edward Baxter and "Shipwrecked Family", translated by Sidney Kravitz." (More information on these can be found on the NAJVS website)

  • A staged production of The War of the Worlds: 70th Anniversary Broadcast,  at San Francisco's legendary Castro Theatre.

Recent News:

Peter guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media... Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

San Francisco, CA
Contact: cat at aeronautproductions.com