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Cat Taylor is the entertainment director for San Francisco’s legendary Great Dickens Christmas Fair, which  boasts over 750 performers, seven stages and multiple environmental areas. She has directed entertainment as well as the finance departments for As You Like It and Red Barn Productions. She was also Music & Dance Director for The Renaissance Pleasure Faire and created the acclaimed Irish step-dance show "Shanachie: The Challenge of the Sidhe".
She has directed the entertainment and finance departments for several historically themed performing arts organizations and consults on both financial matters and social media for Red Barn Productions. Cat is also an electric violinist, her musical adventures including Celtic rock, classical orchestras and stage shows and taking her everywhere from concerts and fairs in California to festivals in China.

Recent News
Peter guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media... Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

San Francisco, CA
Contact: cat at aeronautproductions.com