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premiered at Anaheim's Muzeo Sunday on October 23rd and ran through February of 2012. The grand opening featured members of Neverwas Haul, League of S.T.E.A.M., and our very own La Legion Fantastique, including Steam Man!

Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination! explores the origins, influences and artistry of the steampunk aesthetic – a Neo-Victorian movement inspired by a fancifully re-imagined Age of Steam.

Great articles on the exhibit from the OC Register & NBC Los Angeles and check out the new video at Muzeo.org

Peter also guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media
Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

The Exhibit
The Artists
What is "Steampunk"?
Who created this exhibit?
The Aeronauts
Aeronaut Productions, LLC

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Check out the new video and buy tickets at Muzeo.org
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Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination! ~ Where the future shakes hands with the past!

The Exhibit:
Visitors to Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination! will be introduced to an era in which science and industry combined in new and fascinating ways to launch mankind into the future – into a world where ordinary human beings could do the impossible. The exhibition explores the relationship between the fantastical worlds and concepts of Victorian ‘scientific romance’ and the wondrous realities created by the inventors and scientists of that time and ours.

Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination! highlights the relationship between science fact and science fiction in the Victorian era; exploring the work of pioneers such as Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and Nikola Tesla alongside the visionary fiction of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.  Visitors can explore a collection of replicas and artifacts, including original props and concept art, vintage books and comics, and a selection of art, sculpture, jewelry, fashion, photography and inventions.  Interactive and informational displays will guide guests through various historical ‘what if” scenarios; learning while imagining “what might have been” had events and technology happened a little differently.

The Artists:
Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination!
is proud to feature art, sculpture, costumes and contraptions from a number of talented artists and makers, including:
Tom Banwell
Phil And Kaja Foglio (Girl Genius)
The League Of S.T.E.A.M.
Dark Garden Unique Corsetry
La Legion Fantastique
Robert Overstreet
Andy Bradshaw
Chris Blackwood
Pete Ramirez
Chris Cable
Cherie Savoie
David Perales
The Neverwas Haul
Ilana Murray
Gordon Smuder
Linda Medley
Vince Mattina
Paul Guinan (Boilerplate)
Legendary Costume Works

Robert Dancik

What is “Steampunk?”
"Steampunk" is considered by many to be a growing modern reaction to man’s conquering of scientific boundaries. As technology and science took us beneath the sea, to the Earth’s interior and even to the moon, humanity began to wonder if its reach had, indeed, exceeded his grasp. Writers, artists and craftsmen began to entertain the notion of what life would have been like had circumstances pushed these innovations just a little bit further. We might have had computers before gas combustion engines, the Internet before the microchip, or warships in the air before the Wright Brothers ever flew. This spawned a whole new sub-genre of science fiction - Steampunk. With this new sub-genre came a whole fresh aesthetic...a Neo-Victorian examination of clothing, gadgets, art, music and literature.

Who created this exhibit?

The Aeronauts
Peter Overstreet: President, Curator, Designer
Cat Taylor: Vice President, CFO, Web Designer
Louise DuCray: Artist Liaison & PR
Lisa Lewis: Production Manager
Joel Browning: Construction Manager
Rich Medley: Design & Fabrication
Erin McGauley-Hebard:
Director of Educational Initiatives
Krys Taylor: Time-Line Programmer, Researcher
Chris Blackwood: Fabrication
Kitty Anderson: Researcher
Michael Anderson
: Researcher

Aeronaut Productions, LLC is owned and operated by Peter Overstreet and Cat Taylor, and is dedicated to the design and production of exciting, quality theatrical events and traveling exhibitions. www.aeronautproductions.com

Peter Overstreets’ career has been varied, adventurous and, above all, creative. He has been a professional illustrator for twenty years, and has worked in the entertainment industry (games, film, print, creative direction) for over fifteen. His artwork has been seen in the pages of various publications (including USA Today and Variety), has been made into toys and video games, and has graced the halls of scientific exhibitions, including NASA: A Human Adventure in Stockholm, Sweden. His interest in 19th century author, Jules Verne, led Overstreet to found and direct Legion Fantastique - the worlds’ only Jules Verne-themed theatrical troupe. Legion is an interactive theatrical experience teaching scientific concepts through the lens of Verne's fantastic worlds.

Cat Taylor is  the entertainment director for San Francisco’s legendary Great Dickens Christmas Fair, which boasts 700 performers, seven stages and multiple environmental areas, including Legion Fantatstique. She has directed the entertainment and finance departments for several historically themed performing arts organizations and is an accounting professional, specializing in helping small businesses like her own. Cat is also an electric violinist with the Celtic rock band Avalon Rising, her musical adventures taking her from orchestras, stage shows and fairs in California to festivals in China. Taylor has written articles for Electronic Musician and Onstage Magazines and enjoys the challenge of melding the worlds of art with those of business and commerce.

These two talented individuals lead an equally talented team of “Aeronauts”, building, painting, writing and creating the various elements that combined to become Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination! making its debut at MUZEO.

Click here for the Steampunk: HBI media page

Click to go to our Kickstarter page and see the video that started it all. 

Recent News:
Peter guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media... Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

San Francisco, CA
Contact: cat at aeronautproductions.com