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  Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination at the Muzeo poster
Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination Logo
Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination Kickstarter Logo
"The War Elephant"
Articulated brass, wood and leather puppet with movable trunk, eyes and ears.
created by Robert Overstreet
Peter Overstreet and Cat Taylor in Edwardian costume in front of the Eiffel Tower
Professor Phineas J. Flockmocker III (as portrayed by Jay Davis of Tiburon, CA) is one of the talented artists displaying their work in the exhibit. He is one of the many characters found in the Jules Verne themed troupe Legion Fantastique. (Photo by Daniel Silviera)
Richard Medley, of Aeronaut Productions, is dressed as Jules Verne's character Robur the Conquerer and is showing off the "Power Core" of his flying machine - The Terror. (Photo by Daniel Silviera)
Oceanographer Scott Cassell, the only man to have photograph a living Giant Squid in its natural habitat, will be contributing footage of these fascinating creatures to the exhibit. Scott is the President of the Undersea Voyager Project and swam 30 miles underwater from Catalina to San Pedro September 17, 2011 to draw attention to the dangers to the world's oceans. (Photo by Peter Overstreet)

Click Here for our press release

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Recent News:
Peter guest-blogged for the American Association of Museum's "Center for the Future of Museums" blogspot with a post called:
Steampunk, Crowdfunding and the Power of Social Media... Or, How One Exhibit Company Pulled A Brass Elephant Out Of A Hat

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